Too many things…

After my last blog entry named “Started” I was pretty sure that the train would run at a steady pace with blog posts regularly materializing online and new photographs flowing into the existing and to-be-invented new projects. Obviously, this was slightly overambitious to say the least. So what happened? Nothing special, just the usual day-to-day madness of our life as two working parents, with two school boys, Easter holidays, family obligations, business trips abroad and – as a cream topping – a never ending winter in Berlin with weeks of grey skies, freezing temperatures, and no light which altogether sucked all my creative energy. But now I am back and a couple of interesting new photos will be posted soon. I shot another roll of TriX with my converted Agfa Clack pinhole camera and I tested an Ilford Delta100 in my Agfa Isolette II, the latter being a dubious experience due to some light leaks in the camera’s bellows, which I thought I had successfully repaired. CityLab finally received two rolls of Velvia 50 for development, which took me a while to finish. And last not least, my business trip to the Red Sea three weeks ago included a stopover in Tel Aviv offering an exceptional Saturday’s photo walk along the streets of this vibrant capital. My scanner is already warming up now, so stay tuned to enjoy some new pictures on this channel very soon.

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