Where are the photos?


You’re right, there is no photographs, yet. Neither to spice the blog nor under projects. The only image you’ve kind of seen is on my landing page. It’s a cropped version of the above photo showing a fallen trunk of a silver birch tree overgrown with ivy and some tree dwelling mushrooms. From their orientation perpendicular to the trunk axis one learns that the mushrooms only started growing after the birch crashed into the underwoods. It was a clear winter morning scene after light snowfall during the previous night. I found the trunk in a small woodland a few hundred meters from my home and its orientation was exactly parallel to what was the Berlin wall until 1990 some 50 meters away from this spot. I remember every minute of taking this photograph, because it was my very first medium format exposure using a Pentacon Six and its standard 80mm Biometar prime lens on Kodak Ektar 100. It’s quite a heavy camera and the borrowed and partly broken tripod was everything but convincing. I also had no lightmeter and wasn’t sure whether the build-in meter of my Canon AE-1 would do the job. But it all went well and although it’s not a brilliant photograph it means a lot to me, as this was the very moment that awoke my serious interest in photography again.

Note added Feb 11, 2019: I have changed the image of the landing page. The above photograph will now also find a home in the gallery “Landscape/Nature”. What used to be “projects” are now displayed on the landing page.

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