The last day

Remember my test of the Olympus 35 SP after changing the light seals? It turned into a photo challenge of finishing a roll of 36 frames in a single hour. I wrote a blog post about it and speculated that this might evolve into a real project…and here it is:

In 2019 I will take a one-hour break on the final day of each month to shoot a roll of film. It will always be the consumer grade Kodak Gold 200 (shot at ISO 160), which surprised me to have a very vivid and natural color palette, especially when the sun is out. And the camera will always be the Olympus 35 SP. The best photograph (to my liking) and the runner-up image of each month’s last day will be displayed here with some explanation as to where and why I photographed it. So, stay tuned for the winners of the last day.

July 31, 2019

F66_N26_Veddinge_Kiesel_bearb  Winner: Weed, wood and gravel

Summer holidays in Denmark. A walk along Veddinge Strand in Odsherred, Sjaelland. Overcast sky, no wind and no waves – an absolute calm day. A small weed growing through the gravel, a piece of drift wood and bits of dried seagrass. The different grey tones of the stones perfectly matched those of the sky and the sea.


F66_N34_Veddinge_Sonnenblume_bearb Runner up: Road kill

Walking back home at the end of my photo walk I passed this sunflower run over by a car. Quite some contrast, not only between the bright yellow of the petals and the black asphalt but also between the sunflower symbolizing happiness and good mood and the very situation this particular specimen was in. One is used to animal corpses strewn along the side of the road, but I have never seen a sunflower ending up as a road kill.


June 30, 2019

F62_N3_Boxen_bearb Winner: Two old friends

Again, a sunday late afternoon in my home district. I pass these two boxes every day on my way to work. The backlit grass adds some interest to the scene. And the yellow post box reminds me on a comic character with its slit eyes, square nose, a thin black line of a mouth and a pair of skinny legs.


F62_N29_Doppelgarage_bearb Runner up: Others have flowers in their front yard

Walking through my neighborhood I realised to what extent estate owners bury their gardens under concrete to build drive ways and garages for their cars. Easy to be kept neat and tidy, but awful to look at. Unfortunately, the sun came out just before I pressed the shutter. An evenly lit scene would have made a better image.


May 31, 2019

F60_N27_Südgelände_Tunnel_bearb Winner: Green square

A former switch yard of the German railway, Berlin’s Südgelände is now a public park, an art exhibition, a nature reserve (the only place in Berlin with a wild population of praying mantis!) and home of an open air Shakespeare theater. This tunnel still contains the old railway track now transformed into a walk way. The path leads directly into the greens and the form of the outlet determined the square crop of the photograph. In auto mode the camera set the aperture to f/1.7 resulting in a rather soft image. I will definitely shoot this composition again with a smaller aperture, but this will require a tripod.


F60_N12_Südgelände_Baldachin_bearb Runner up: Iron orb web

Using scrap metal from the historical steam engine repair halls, artists have welded all sorts of sculptures displayed in a separate courtyard. Here, I stood underneath an iron canopy looking straight up into the overcast sky. This also would have made a perfect square crop, but the 42mm lens of the camera was slightly too long to get a symmetrical image fitting a square format. Next time, a medium format camera, a wide angle lens and a tripod will do a better job!


April 30, 2019

F57_N8a_Akazienstämme_bearb_crop Winner: Four trunks

Choosing Gleisdreieckpark in Schöneberg as my destination for April’s last day photoshoot promised to provide plenty of opportunities. It was early afternoon with blue skies and a few clouds –  a perfect day for people to hang out in the park and for a lot of action going on. Alas, the opposite was the case. So I was forced to focus on rather abstract subjects. After 1,5 hours I had walked the park twice and still had 10 frames left in camera. It was unbelievable. Since 1 hour is the given time frame for this project I decided to call it a day and send the film for development, regardless.

The Four trunks would have made a perfect b/w image, but they are equally suitable for color especially with the small leaves in the upper part of the thinnest trunk.


F57_N7a_Gleisdreieck_Füße_bearb_crop Runner up: 14 feet

There are several playgrounds in the park with all sorts of items to climb or jump on. I found this board with cut-out giant feet and a metal frame underneath. To support the abstract look I had to crop the image to a square format.

March 31, 2019

F55_N8_Lastday3_LiRa_Rote Bänke_bearb Winner: Sunday depression (Red)

The last day of March was a Sunday. I explored my neighbourhood in the afternoon and as expected found most public areas deserted. Despite the sunshine and the warm spring temperatures there were no people in the streets. Empty public spaces all around me. A rather depressive mood, especially in the main road with it’s ugly street furniture from the late 1990s. Even the hot red colour of the benches didn’t help!


F55_N6_Lastday3_LiRa_Blaue Bänke_bearb  Runner up: Sunday depression (Blue)

It’s not surprising, that no one’s sitting here! Worn paintings of rabbits and butterflies on a spring meadow…a hapless attempt to cover the concrete container. The cool tones of the hetch and the (empty) blue bench add to the sadness of the scene.


February 28, 2019

F52N5_Spiegelneon_bearbWinner: Floating neon

Today I took the tram to Prenzlauer Berg for my one-hour photo walk. A lot of haze in the sky produced very soft shadows and a rather subdued light. Walking along Kastanienallee I saw this neon sign inside a very dark entrance of a house. The glass door was a perfect mirror for the scene behind me. I just had to wait for people passing by and had a nearly perfect shot. Looking at the image now I realize that I should have moved slightly to the right to match the stem of the neon plant with that of the tree!


F52N16_Schwalbe_bearbRunner up: Schwalbe

The Schwalbe scooter was a very famous East German motorcycle. There are still quite a few in use on the streets of Berlin, but Prenzlauer Berg is a district where you have the biggest chance to see one. I liked the matching blues of the metal and the graffito on the wall behind the scooter.


January 31, 2019

F49N12_Lastday1_Graffito_bearbWinner: Wedding Graffito

I spent my lunch break in Wedding, a central district of Berlin just a few blocks from my workplace. It was a clear cold day with bright sunshine. Walking along Max-Josef-Metzger Platz I came across this Graffito next to the entrance of an apartment house. I liked the color contrast and the b/w figure separated from the red/green tag by the black line. A branch of a nearby tree casts a shadow over the figure mirroring the graphic form of the colored tag.


F49N14_Lastday1_Gelbe Stühle_bearbRunner up: Plastic dreams

Just down the road from the Graffito I found this shop display with yellow and red plastic chairs and a bunch of plastic sunflowers. Very Seventies, same as my camera. The plastic dream is contrasted by the church and the blue sky reflected in the shop window.






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